Cinemas in Oman to remain open during Ramadan
May 19, 2018 | 10:10 PM
by Times News Service
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Muscat: If you live in Oman and are planning to go to the cinema during Ramadan, you need not change your plans; cinemas in the country will operate as usual during the Holy Month. Shows at City Cinema outlets in Oman begin as early as 11am during Ramadan, with most of the day’s final screenings set to start at around 11:15 or 11:30pm, allowing people to rest and prepare for the next day’s fasting. At Vox Cinemas, Oman’s other cinema operator, the day’s first shows are scheduled for 10am. Since this year’s Ramadan also coincides with summer holidays in the country, both Vox and City Cinema have scheduled several shows at noon or thereabouts, with some movies beginning at 11:45am. “Our shows begin at about 11am and our last movie ends at 12:30am,” said an official from a multiplex in Oman. “We will be open throughout Ramadan, and operational during iftar as well, because some of our shows run during that time. “However, we will not be able to serve snacks and beverages until after iftar, because our concessions stalls will be shut, and will be only open after the fast is broken,” he added. The move to have shows in Oman’s cinemas during the mornings and early afternoons is in keeping with the operating rules followed by theatres in the Sultanate during last year’s Ramadan as well, when many outlets had their first shows of the day in the afternoon. In 2016, however, cinemas in Oman were only open from 9pm to 1am every day. In the Sultanate, the Holy Month began on the evening of May 16. Ramadan ends on the evening of June 14, with Eid Al Fitr expected to fall on June 15.

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