We’ve all been waiting for the Batinah Expressway
May 9, 2018 | 7:29 PM
by Times News Service
Oman’s longest expressway has opened this week for the public.

#ReadersResponse: With the official opening of the Batinah Expressway this week, residents and citizens in the Sultanate are happy to have their commutes across the country drastically cut. The road begins from Halban, near Seeb in Muscat, and continues all the way to the border with the United Arab Emirates and the Khatmat Malaha checkpoint, the route taken by those who wish to visit the Emirates of Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah, as well as Oman’s northern governorate of Musandam.

“Oman’s longest expressway has opened,” said Ahmed Al Harthy. “It is a big, proud day, because the Batinah Expressway has opened to the public.”

Syed Ibrahim was part of the team that worked on the 270km Batinah Expressway, which is the Sultanate’s first four-lane road. It connects nine wilayats across three governorates, with planned linkages among Oman’s sea and airports, and form a major part of its economic zones. “I’m proud to be an associate with my organisation in completing this project. Thanks to my management for giving me a platform to work,” he said.

Sagar Sagy, another resident in Oman, said, “Now that the road is fully open, I can’t wait to use it and drive all the way from Qurum to Shinas.”

“The company that made this beautiful road in the beautiful country of Oman is to be thanked,” added Akseer Syed. “Thank you for this amazing road.”

“I can’t wait to drive on this road,” added Mehedi Hasan Sumon. “This looks amazing!”

Clara Pinto added, “All the best to the people of Oman, they really are ambitious and hardworking.”

Business opportunities

Gurbhajan Singh and Aadil Hameed also had similar opinions. “I love Oman and I am so happy to see this road being built,” said Singh. “Now, I know what road I am taking for my next road trip.”

Hameed added, “This is indeed a beautiful road and it’s nice to see such big roads coming to Oman, Hopefully, they will have such roads in other parts of the country as well.”

Salim Al Naimi, Undersecretary, Ministry for Transport and Communications, shed some light on the efforts undertaken to build the road.

“The Al Batinah Highway project is one of the infrastructure projects that has created large and diverse business opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and local companies,” he told Times of Oman in an exclusive interview. “The ministry is continuing implementation of a number of important links between Al Batinah Road and Al Batinah Expressway.”

“It is considered a safer road as it includes four lanes and 11,400 lighting poles, in addition to 250,000 high-quality road reflectors. It also includes 1,106 concrete culverts, 17 flyovers, 25 wadis crossing bridges and 12 underpasses,” he added.

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