Indulge in a flavourful iftar at OMNY Brasserie
May 16, 2018 | 3:50 PM
by Times News Service
Land platter at OMNY Brasserie

Dining out during Ramadan brings about a rich experience for food aficionados who love immersing themselves into the holy ambience that’s painted in warm, welcoming colours and adorned with beautiful traditional decor. Such places promise an unforgettable session full of good food. For this week’s Iftar, I am taking you to OMNY Brasserie, where they serve platters full of sea favourites and juicy meats.

OMNY Brasserie is dishing up quite a flavourful Iftar that includes all your favourite Ramadan staples and much more, offering a combination of buffet and platter service for diners.

The buffet consists of the traditional Ramadan starters with cold and hot mezze, as well as Ramadan drinks such as the ever-celebrated laban, fatty nuts, sweet dates, a variety of salads, breads and a tonne of desserts including traditional Arabic sweets, cakes, puddings, and pastries.

Guests get to enjoy starters after selecting one of the cooked-to-order platter options, which come in either seafood, mixed meats, or a combination of both.

The contents of these mouthwatering treats are marinated with traditional Omani spices, lemon and herbs, and then tossed on the fire for the perfect grill.

In the “sea platter”, you get half a lobster, prawns, fish, and mussels, served with homemade fries, Omani-style cooked rice, a fattoush salad, and Arabic bread, with special in-house sauces: Harissa and herb butter.

Sea platter at OMNY Brasserie

For those seeking a meaty escapade, they can opt for a “land platter” and savour tender pieces of lamb chops, steaks, a quarter chicken, and shish taouk, served with homemade fries, Omani rice, and Arabic bread, with special in-house sauces as well.

If you are like me, undecided on which platter to indulge in, and happen to love both oceanic and wild flavours, then go for the mixed platter that has fish, half a lobster, prawns, chicken, lamb chops, and shish taouk, served with similar sides and sauces mentioned above.

The ambience at OMNY Brasserie is nothing short of an exciting and inviting experience, so head there this weekend and dig into the platters for an Iftar meant for the kings. Note that the portions are massive, so order to share. After all, sharing is caring. — [email protected]

OMNY Brasserie

Hormuz Grand Hotel, Airport Heights

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